14 Day Mat Sculpt+

14 Day Mat Sculpt+

The 14 Day Sculpt+ Mat Challenge is here! This much awaited yearly program is designed by celebrity trainer Andrea Speir to build incredible tone and strength in the entire body through form-focused, athletic Pilates fusion workouts. Work your way through one workout per day that is designed to work in the exact order Andrea has crafted for optimal toning, strengthening, restoration and overall wellness. Each workout is designed to push the body when needed, and allow it to slow down and recover on other days by lengthening the muscles and improving sleep, energy, metabolism and circulation. 

Workouts vary from 30-60 minutes in length, and differ with resistance by incorporating different props to add challenge and keep the body from plateauing. The restorative workouts help improve flexibility and circulation, allowing the body to effectively build strength in a healthy and efficient way. 

Andrea's unique style takes the foundation of form-focused classical Pilates and fuses it with a playful, athletic, upbeat modern approach by incorporating her education in functional training like weight training, ballet barre and her education in exercise physiology from Stanford University.

At the end of this program you will feel reset, stronger than ever, energized and proud of yourself.

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14 Day Mat Sculpt+
  • Day 1: Full Body in 45

    Welcome to the first day of your 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan! Each workout in our 2 week plan is designed to target and work different zones of the body with varying weights, resistances and intensity. By the end of the two weeks, you will feel stronger, sculpted and toned, and energized.

    The props ...

  • Day 2: Full Body in 20

    Spend just 20 minutes toning and strengthening your entire body using just your bodyweight.

    No props needed.

  • Day 2 Tutorial: Criss Cross

    Go over form in this tutorial for one of the most commonly incorporated abdominal exercises Criss Cross. This exercises challenges every part of the abdominals, with an extra emphasis on the obliques, or side wrapping core muscles.

  • Day 3: Glutes + Abs in 45

    Spend 45 minutes with Andrea in this core and glute focused workout using a looped resistance band (medium resistance recommended).

  • Day 3 Tutorial: Donkey Kicks

    Go over form points with the commonly seen exercise, Donkey Kicks. This series is in Day 3 of the 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan, and uses a looped band for extra resistance.

  • Day 4: Cardio Pilates Mix in 10

    Spike your heart rate with a bit of cardio and some sculpting movements in just 10 minutes.

    Looped Resistance Band

  • Day 5: Arms, Back + Abs in 30

    Grab a set of 3 lb. dumbbells for this 30 minute toning workout that targets the arms, back, and core muscles.

  • Day 6: Full Body in 30

    Grab your small ball for 30 minutes of a targeted, flowing workout. Exercises include seated core work, donkey kicks, and controlled upper body movements.

  • Day 7: Stretch + Restore in 15

    Stretch out your entire body in just 15 minutes, no props needed.

  • Day 8: Glutes + Arms in 45

    This 45 minute, athletic sculpting flow uses a ball and a set of 3 lb. weights to tone the entire body.

  • Day 9 Full Body in 50

    This 50 minute Pilates fusion workout uses the ball to take you through full-body sculpting.

  • Day 9 Tutorial: Side Lying Leg Work

    Grab a ball and go over your form for Side Lying Leg Work! These pointers can be applied to any workout that does this series, however this particular tutorial uses the ball, which is how you will flow through this series in Day 9 of the 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan.

  • Day 10: Cardio Pilates Mix in 45

    This toning workout sculpts out the muscles, while finding moments to spike the heart rate, helping to amplify results, boost metabolism and build muscular endurance.

    3 Lb. Dumbbells

  • Day 10 Tutorial: Jumping Rolling Like a Ball

    Learn the technique for adding playful cardio to your classical exercise, Rolling Like a Ball!

  • Day 11: Core Tone in 45

    Grab a ball and a set of 3 lb. dumbbells for this 45 minute, core-focused Pilates mat fusion workout.

  • Day 12: Inner Thighs + Outer Hips in 45

    This 45 minute workout targets the outer hips and inner thighs! We recommend a set of ankle weights (ranging between 1-3 lb sets) or a pair of sneakers for extra weight.

  • Day 12 Tutorial: Kneeling Side Leg Work

    Go over form for the classical exercise, Kneeling Side Leg Kicks. This is an exercise seen frequently in intermediate-advanced classical Pilates, and will be included as an exercise in the Day 12 Workout from the 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan.

  • Day 13: 45 Minute Full Body Flow

    This 45 minute, athletic flow targets the entire body with a bit of prop play fused throughout. Exercises include side lying leg work, donkey kicks, and standing dumbbell arms.

  • Day 14: Stretch + Restore in 20

    Spend 20 minutes stretching out the entire body using simply your bodyweight. The movements in this flow help stimulate circulation, improve flexibility and sleep, relieve the back and elongate areas of the body that work hard all day, like the hip flexors, quads, shoulders and feet.

    No props ne...