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  • 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan

    19 videos  |   Rent $30   |   Buy $49.99

    Join Andrea for 14 days of formatted mat fusion workouts designed to reset, recharge, and create incredible muscle strength and tone. Each workout has been designed to build upon the next with workouts varying in target, duration and intensity to deliver optimal results.

    Props you will need for ...

  • 21 Day Reformer Challenge

    21 videos  |   Rent $40   |   Buy $74.99

    Join us for an athletic and targeted 21 day reformer challenge! Each day features a workout that varies in target, approach, and duration. These workouts have been curated in this plan to help your body both be pushed toward change, but also restore and recover, so you feel your energy, body tone...

  • 28 Day Mat Challenge

    24 videos  |   Rent $20   |   Buy $39.99

    Join the 28 Day Challenge! This workout was designed to take you through 4 weeks of crafted workouts to deliver incredible results. Each week you will do 6 days of workouts, with the 7 day off as a rest day. Every day is a brand new workout that was crafted to challenge and build your muscles con...