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Watch this video and more on SPEIR ON DEMAND

Day 2: Full Body in 20

14 Day Mat Sculpt+ • 19m

Up Next in 14 Day Mat Sculpt+

  • Day 2 Tutorial: Criss Cross

    Go over form in this tutorial for one of the most commonly incorporated abdominal exercises Criss Cross. This exercises challenges every part of the abdominals, with an extra emphasis on the obliques, or side wrapping core muscles.

  • Day 3: Glutes + Abs in 45

    Spend 45 minutes with Andrea in this core and glute focused workout using a looped resistance band (medium resistance recommended).

  • Day 3 Tutorial: Donkey Kicks

    Go over form points with the commonly seen exercise, Donkey Kicks. This series is in Day 3 of the 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan, and uses a looped band for extra resistance.