These Pilates mat fusion workouts run from 10-45 minutes in length. The workouts may be either bodyweight based, or involve minimal props. We offer full body all the way to incredibly targeted routines. Get ready to sculpt, strengthen, elongate the muscles, and break a sweat. The shorter workouts are fantastic to do on days when you are shorter on time, or to mix and match with the others to create your perfect workout. The longer ones don't give breaks and get the job done!

  • Full-Length Mat

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    Fuse the methods and teachings of classical Pilates with unique and focused training techniques. Define your core and sculpt your muscles while improving posture, flexibility and mind-body connection. This class teaches a deep level of intricate muscle toning that establishes the foundation for y...

  • Express Tone (under 30 min.)

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    Tone, strengthen and sweat it out in these express workouts that get fantastic results. These routines are great to fit in around your personal schedule or goals. We recommend stacking them together to build your ideal personal workout plan, or choosing one to do every day! Often, committing to o...

  • Cardio Fusion Mat

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    These full body strengthening classes incorporate bursts of cardio throughout, elevating the heart rate and helping to improve results.

  • Barre Fusion Mat

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    Sculpt your legs, lift your seat, define your abs and chisel your arms with this body-sculpting fusion class. These routines combine the best lengthening and sculpting elements of the Pilates mat with the best chiseling moves of ballet barre. Class may include your effective props, such as ankle ...

  • Stretch & Restore Mat

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