Kristen Matthews

Kristen Matthews

Kristen a lead teacher and the Director of Education at Speir Pilates. She is also the co-founder of The Pilates Fix with Andrea Speir. She co-created the DVD’s "Trim, Tighten & Tone” with Andrea Speir (Best DVD of the year with Pilates Style Magazine in 2016), and “Sculpt & Sweat,” an instant hit and industry favorite for the Pilates circle-based, athletic workouts. She also shares her love of all things health and wellness as a contributor to sites like,, and - and has also appeared in major features with Pilates Style magazine.

After graduating from the University of Vermont, Kristen moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and began taking Pilates as a way to find relief from her own back injuries.

Encouraged by her progress, Kristen wanted to share Pilates with others. She completed a 600-hour classical teaching certification from Power Pilates in New York City in 2003, where she studied under celebrated teachers Bob Liekens and Susan Moran.
Kristen’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge grows every year. In 2010 she completed a 200-hour yoga training with James Brown and in 2012 got certified to teach The Booty Barre. In 2014 Kristen completed the 360° Pilates immersion. This comprehensive continuing-education program, created by Benjamin Degenhardt, was designed to bridge the original concepts and teachings of Joseph Pilates with modern movement science.

Most recently she finished the AFS training program with The Grey Institute and the Precision Nutrition certification for sports nutrition. In addition to her collection of certifications, Kristen most recently has become specialty certified in post-natal recovery and women’s wellness with a focus on the fitness elements.

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Kristen Matthews
  • Guest Teacher Series: Power Reformer 2 with Kristen

    Join Speir's Director of Education, Kristen Matthews, in a full body, 50 minute reformer workout that is a great example of the Power Reformer class at the Los Angeles studios!

    * Sitting Box

    All springs on
    Footbar in middle, upright position
    Handles preset on pegs

  • Guest Teacher Series: 55 Minute Bodyweight Full Body

    Join Kristen Matthews for 55 minutes of full body work on the mat, using nothing but your own body weight!

    This workout is a nice, flowing pace, perfect for anyone from beginner-advanced in Pilates experience.

  • Guest Teacher Series: Mobility + Stretching with Kristen

    Join Director of Education, Kristen Matthews, in a feel-good, mobility workout. This workout takes just 30 minutes and requires no props!

  • Guest Teacher Series: 45 Minute Rotation, Extension, + Flexibility with Kristen

    Join Speir Director of Education, Kristen Matthews with movements that flow through rotation, extension and flexibility. This 45 minute workout to do weekly to help aid in the circulation and balance of the body, as well as the trajectory of aging.

  • Guest Teacher Series: Jumpboard Fusion 1

    This 45 minute workout fuses jumpboard cardio with reformer toning exercises with Speir Pilates Director of Education, Kristen Matthews.

    Kristen has been teaching for 18 years, and holds additional certifications in pre and postnatal, autoimmune gut and digestion, perimenopause, yoga and ballet ...

  • Guest Teacher Series: Circle Abs and Arms

    Join Speir Pilates Director or Education, Kristen Matthews, for 40 minutes of targeted upper body and core work using the Pilates Circle.

    You will need a Pilates "Magic" Circle.

    All springs on
    Footbar in middle, upright position
    Handles preset on pegs
    Headrest up
    Prop: magic c...

  • Guest Teacher Series: Full Body Circle

    This 45 minute, intermediate-level workout uses the infamous Pilates "magic" circle to sculpt out the muscles by using different styles of resistance, balance and muscular activation.

    The props you need are the circle (of course) and a sitting box.

    2 red springs
    Loops preset o...

  • Guest Teacher Series: Full Body Circle with Extension and Twisting

    This creative, 48 minute workout with Speir Pilates Director of Education, Kristen Matthews, sculpts out the entire body using the Pilates Circle! These are some of the most effective, and fun exercises to build strength with both adduction and abduction, improve circulation and stability, and se...