10 Day Intermediate Reformer

10 Day Intermediate Reformer

Follow these 10 workouts consecutively for a full-body, intermediate-level, and results-driven reboot. These workouts have been chosen and formatted in this order to achieve ultimate change in your body by alternating the workouts with intensity, duration, target and focus. It has been scientifically proven that the muscles need one day to change, so our focuses alternate the muscular target, so you are giving your body the chance to make true change in the strength. Muscles will be elongated, chiseled and toned, with cardio placed throughout in bursts so we spike the heart rate helping to increase the metabolism, improve cardiovascular health, oxygenation of the body, and help shed any extra weight and amplify muscular toning and change.

For these workouts, you will need these props:
1. Set of dumbbells (we recommend 3 lbs. and 5 lbs.)
2. Looped resistance band (we recommend heavy resistance)
3. Small ball
4. Long Resistance Band
5. Jumpboard

*All of these small props are linked out through our website at speirpilates.com/shop!

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10 Day Intermediate Reformer
  • Athletic Flow 1

    This 55 minute, intermediate workout uses no props at all to strengthen and sculpt the entire body. The routine has some of the greats, like pulling straps, long box abs, standing box lunges, and box planking.

    * Footbar in middle setting
    * All springs on
    * Headrest is lifted
    * ...

  • Atheltic Flow 2

    This intermediate level workout is 55 minutes of full body sculpting. This routine includes standing platform lunges and inner thigh series, seated unilateral arm work, hamstring curls on the sitting box, and more.

    * Footbar in middle setting
    * All springs on
    * Headrest is lift...

  • Athletic Flow 3

    This intermediate/advanced, 50 minute workout strengthens the entire body. Fuse in a looped resistance band and sitting box for some exercises for added results. This routine includes exercises such as kneeling box presses, standing lateral box lunges, yoga fusion push-ups, box bridging, and more...

  • Athletic Flow 4

    Use a long resistance band (our favorite is a heavy resistance Theraband) to help connect and challenge the muscles. The 1 hour workout works every part of the body, head to toe, and is one of Andrea's favorite workouts on this site!

    Footbar in middle setting
    All springs on

  • Athletic Flow 5

    This intermediate level, full-body routine requires no props. This routine takes you through exercises such as high barre planking to target the core, side lying leg strap work, short spine, and more.

    * Footbar in middle position
    * Headrest up
    * 1 yellow spring
    * Handles pre-se...

  • Athletic Flow 6

    This 45 minute workout incorporates a small ball, and sculpts out the entire body. Exercises in this workout include some of our favorite challenging variations, such as Plank Donkey Kicks, Stability Ball Abs, Foot-Hooked Hundred, and more!

    * Small Ball

    Footbar in middle...

  • Athletic Flow 7

    This intermediate/advanced level, full-body sculpting workout uses the small ball and sitting box to carve out and tone muscles. Exercises include upper body toning exercises sitting on the ball, standing oblique twists, side leg work and inner thigh series on the ball.


  • Athletic Flow 8

    Grab a light set of dumbbells for this full body, intermediate level workout! The front standing platform is used for the second half of this workout, so make sure you have a built in platform in the front, or an additional platform that can be attached. If you have a balanced body reformer, we l...

  • Athletic Flow 9

    This 45 minute, intermediate/advanced level workout focuses on unilateral style work to work on stabilization, balance, and truly strengthen all the intricate muscles as well as the bigger ones. Although there are no small props used in this workout, you will use the sitting box, so make sure tha...

  • Athletic Flow 10

    This 50 minute, intermediate/advanced level workout strengthens and tones the entire body using the Pilates "Magic" Circle.

    Footbar in middle setting
    All springs on
    Loops preset on pegs
    Headrest up
    Magic circle + sitting box

    Green- Heavy
    Red- Medium/Heavy
    Blue- Lig...