Proper Form

Proper Form

These quick tutorials break down proper exercise form.

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Proper Form
  • Tutorial: Neutral Pelvis + Spine

    If you've heard the cue "Find a neutral spine and pelvis," and have wondered what exactly that means, Andrea breaks it down for you! Refining proper alignments in the spine will improve your body, form and practice.

  • Day 2 Tutorial: Criss Cross

    Go over form in this tutorial for one of the most commonly incorporated abdominal exercises Criss Cross. This exercises challenges every part of the abdominals, with an extra emphasis on the obliques, or side wrapping core muscles.

  • Day 12 Tutorial: Kneeling Side Leg Work

    Go over form for the classical exercise, Kneeling Side Leg Kicks. This is an exercise seen frequently in intermediate-advanced classical Pilates, and will be included as an exercise in the Day 12 Workout from the 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan.

  • Day 9 Tutorial: Side Lying Leg Work

    Grab a ball and go over your form for Side Lying Leg Work! These pointers can be applied to any workout that does this series, however this particular tutorial uses the ball, which is how you will flow through this series in Day 9 of the 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan.

  • Day 3 Tutorial: Donkey Kicks

    Go over form points with the commonly seen exercise, Donkey Kicks. This series is in Day 3 of the 14 Day Mat Sculpt+ Plan, and uses a looped band for extra resistance.

  • Day 10 Tutorial: Jumping Rolling Like a Ball

    Learn the technique for adding playful cardio to your classical exercise, Rolling Like a Ball!

  • Side Plank Modification

    Modifications for your side plank!

  • The Proper Squat

    The essential pointers to execute the proper squat.

  • Properly Engage Your Core

    This five minute tutorial teaches how to properly engage the core, or "the Powerhouse" in Pilates. Tricks and modifications are explained, as well as proper form to find this deep and connected engagement.