Prenatal Reformer

Prenatal Reformer

These workouts are broken down by trimester, so you are doing exactly what your body needs during each stage of pregnancy. Strengthen the glutes, legs and pelvic floor to help stabilize the hips and base of the body as your baby grows, focus on postural muscles and arms to get ready to lift your baby gear like the carseat, counteract the weight pulling your shoulders forward, and safely work the core to help prepare for labor and postnatal recovery.
The exercises in these workouts are exactly what Andrea did and loved during both of her pregnancies, and afterward for postnatal recovery. These routines will help you to feel strong and toned, improve circulation to help with cramping and overall wellness, strengthen your body for labor and recovery, and help you to connect and move with your baby. What's better than that? Let's get fit, mama!

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Prenatal Reformer
  • 1st Trimester Flow

    This 50 minute, all-level workout takes you through exercises that are perfect for your first trimester of pregnancy. Strengthen the glutes, pelvic floor, postural muscles and arms, helping to prepare for the months ahead, as well as labor and postnatal recovery. You will also do some safe core e...

  • 2nd Trimester Flow

    This 45 minute, full-body flowing workout is perfect to do during your 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Strengthen the glutes, pelvlic floor and outer hips to help stabilize and support the base of your body, while fusing in safe abdominal work, and effective postural work. Nothing you do in this work...

  • 3rd Trimester Flow

    Move, stretch, strengthen and connect with your baby in this 45 minute, all-level reformer workout. This routine is the perfect combination of exercises to do in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and requires no props at all. All of these moves were done by Andrea during both of her pregnancies an...

  • Pregnancy + Exercise

  • Diastasis Recti

    Diastasis Recti (DR) is a tearing of the rectus abdominals that often occurs during or after pregnancy. Watch this video to see how to identify it, as well as exercises that are suggested as well as contraindicated with Pilates pre/post-natal specialist Andrea.