Discuss some of the common phrases and cues you may hear in your Pilates class! These short videos will help you to better understand the inner workings of your Pilates practice, body, and exercise physiology. By having a deeper understanding of form, your practice will become that much stronger, more connected, and honed in.

  • Proper Form

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    These quick tutorials break down proper exercise form.

  • Reformer 101

    This reformer 101 tutorial goes over the footbar placement, how to gear the carriage out, names of the reformer parts, box placement, and more!

  • Exercise Physiology

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    Exercise has been shown to play a huge role in disease management, depression, anxiety, weight management, curbing the trajectory of aging, and more. These short tutorials chat through important elements of exercise physiology and how your fitness regimen plays such a significant role in the heal...