7 Day Sculpting Mat

7 Day Sculpting Mat

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7 Day Sculpting Mat
  • Band Burn

    This 45 minute, full-body workout uses a looped resistance band. The band resistance could be whatever you own or love, but in this video Andrea is using a medium resistance!

  • 30 Minute Stability Ball Sculpt

    Sculpt out the lower body and core using a small stability ball in this 30 minute, targeted workout. Exercises include seated abs, Andrea's favorite Criss Cross variation for the obliques, donkey kicks, and more. If you don't own a small ball, grab a pillow off your bed or couch and fold it in ha...

  • Core Sculpt 1

    This workout is 20 minutes of targeted training just for the core. Every part of the abdominals are targeted with some of the most effective exercises Andrea teaches to her clients in Los Angeles. No props are needed for this one! This is a fantastic workout to fuse into your workout week 1-2 tim...

  • Weights & Band Mat Fusion

    This 45 minute, full-body workout uses a light set of weights and a looped resistance band.

    For the dumbbells, try a set of either 2 lbs or 3 lbs. For the resistance band, grab what you got or what you like! The band in this video is medium resistance.

  • Pilates and Barre 1

    This 45 minute full-body routine uses a small ball, chair, and set of weights.

  • 35 Minute Ankle Weights

    This 35 minute, full-body workout uses ankle weights on your wrists and on your ankles.