5 Day Beginner Mat

5 Day Beginner Mat

Welcome to our 5 Day Foundation and Reset Plan! If you’re looking to create a healthy habit, strengthen your body, and release stress- this free plan is for you.
These workouts are designed to reset, recharge and change your muscle tone by building strength with very effective, form-focused movements. Each workout is just 30 minutes, which is long enough to change your body and create a habit, but short enough to fit into a busy schedule. You don’t need any props or equipment, and these can be done anywhere, anytime and on any device- you could even do these outside in a backyard to get a little Vitamin D at the same time! So sign up now, and I’ll see you on your mat soon!

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5 Day Beginner Mat
  • Full Body Foundation

    This 30 minute mat workout requires no props, and is a great place to begin your practice with us. In this workout, you can expect to set a great foundation with functional movement and cueing, while moving through and strengthening the entire body.

  • Arms, Back & Abs

    This 30 minute, beginner-level workout focuses in on form, precision and targeted strengthening for the upper body, including arms, postural muscles, back and core.

  • Full Body Tone

    This 30 minute, beginner- level workout strengthens the entire body, while focusing on form and moving at a steady pace. Warm the body up and increase the heart rate with some standing work, then take it down to the mat for upper body, core and lower body strengthening. Wrap up the entire workout...

  • Hips, Glutes & Abs

    This 30 minute, beginner-level workout requires no props, and builds strength and tone in the hips, glutes and abdominals. Focus on form while you build strength to help support the hips and pelvis, tone the and sculpt the lower body, and wrap it all up with a quick stretch.

  • Sculpt and Stretch

    This 30 minute workout requires no props, and fuses stretching and elongation exercises with functional movement and strengthening. This is a fantastic routine to fuse into your fitness regimen weekly, and we especially recommend this one to anyone just starting out with the Speir community!