4 Week Reformer Reset

4 Week Reformer Reset

This athletic reformer plan is designed to maximize results by targeting the muscles and endurance with a different intensity and focus each day. By staggering the targeted zones of the body, the muscles will have time to intelligently strengthen, lengthen and tone without plateauing or stagnating. We have cardio fused in throughout to help spike the heart rate, and help improve cardiac health and improve metabolic function. The workouts follow the scientifically proven approach of varying in length and intensity, so your muscles have time to readjust, reset, strengthen and tone.

Check out the entire plan with a schedule listed out at SpeirPilates.com (https://www.speirpilates.com/4-week-mat-reset-challenge-1). You can check in with your schedule each day to see the workout you will be doing! The workouts are also listed out in order in this plan.

Consistency is key for improving your physical strength, finding your commitment, and changing your practice.

Set up your workout space, grab your props, and let’s get started.

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4 Week Reformer Reset
  • Jumpboard Sculpt 3

    This 45 minute, full body cardio workout uses the jumpboard to spike your heart rate, elevate results, and improve cardiovascular health.

    You will need a set of 2 lb. toning balls (or dumbbells) and a jumpboard.

    This workout is intermediate/advanced level, so get ready to move at a fairly good ...

  • Sculpting Flow 10

    This 45 minute, full body workout takes you through extra intense exercises that fuse in dumbbells and a resistance band to get major results. Movements like yoga plank fusion using the sitting box, banded speed skaters with dumbbells and triceps kickbacks with a dumbbell.

    The dumbbells recommen...

  • Andrea's Favorite: Hips and Glutes

    This 45 minute workout features some of Andrea's all time favorite lower body toning moves from her signature Hips + Glutes class at Speir Pilates! You will need a looped medium/heavy resistance band, 3 lb. weights, and a sitting box.

    This workout athletically targets outer hip slimming and glut...

  • Box and Weights Sculpt

    This 52-minute reformer workout takes you through an intermediate-level workout that incorporates the sitting box and a light set of dumbbells. We recommend 3 lb. weights. This flowing workout is full body and moves at a flowing pace, with some new challenges using the sitting box and the reforme...

  • 30 Minute Jumpboard Sculpt

    Spike your heart rate in this 30 minute, jumpboard sculpting workout!

    For this workout, you will need a jumpboard, small ball and resistance band.

    All springs on
    Handles preset on pegs
    Headrest up
    Jumpboard attached
    Looped resistance band and small ball

    Green- Hea...

  • Flexibility Flow

    35 minutes of elongating stretches for the entire body. This stretch routine is intermediate-advanced, however anyone can do it- just remember to listen to your body, don't push yourself if your balance feels a bit off,, and adjust if and when needed.