4 Week Mat Reset Challenge

4 Week Mat Reset Challenge

Follow along with your calendar of workouts here: https://www.speirpilates.com/4-week-reset-challenge

Begin sometime in the first two weeks of January so we can do this together! Post a picture of your workout space or a sweaty selfie and tag @speirpilates so we can get to know you and follow along with your progress!

This mat-fusion plan is designed with a workout, active stretch or rest day for 4 weeks. The workouts follow the scientifically proven approach of varying in length and intensity, so your muscles have time to readjust, reset, strengthen and tone.

For these workouts, you’ll need a mat or a soft carpeted area, as well as dumbbells (I recommend 3 lbs and 5 lbs if you have them). Finally, you’ll need a looped resistance band.

Take a screenshot of this workout plan in the intro for this plan, or go to speirpilates.com to access it anytime. This lists out every workout to do each day.

Consistency is key for improving your physical strength, finding your commitment, and changing your practice.

Set up your workout space, grab your props, and let’s get started.

Check out the 4 week schedule here:

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4 Week Mat Reset Challenge
  • Welcome to your 4 Week Reset Challenge!

    This Mat Pilates program takes you through one month of hand chosen and designed workouts that are placed in this exact order to bring you fantastic results. Follow our calendar to see exactly what to do each day! Whatever day you begin this program, that is Day 1 or Week 1. Continue on from that...

  • Full Body 1

    No props are needed in this 45 minute, full-body workout! Warm the body up with a short standing set, then sculpt out the arms, chisel the core and define the legs, glutes and inner thighs. This workout can be done with or without shoes. Wearing shoes adds a bit of stability for standing work, an...

  • 30 Minute Dumbbell Arms

    Carve, sculpt and define the arms, shoulders and back in this 30 minute routine. We recommend using a set of 5 lb. weights for this routine!

  • 20 Minute Cardio Hit

    No props are needed in this 20 minute, cardio hit workout. Elevating the heart rate is key in rev'ing up the metabolic system, helping to shed extra weight, improve blood oxygenation, circulation, muscle tone, sleep and more. We recommend either doing this workout on it's own for a quick and effe...

  • 30 Minute Glutes

    No props are needed for this 30 minute, glutes workout! Using nothing but your own body weight, build muscle, sculpt, tighten and tone the hips and glutes. Different approaches to direction, angles and resistance are used to achieve effective results. Get ready to be sore!

  • 45 Minute Core Flow

    Use the small ball in this 45 minute, core-based, sculpting workout. The abdominals are the engaged throughout this entire workout, and while core work is the focus, this is still a full-body workout that incorporates upper and lower body work in. This a fantastic routine to add into your weekly ...

  • 15 Minute Rehabilitative Stretch

  • 30 Minute Cardio Pilates

    This routine strengthens and tones the entire body, while adding in elements of cardio training to help improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and elevate results.

  • Weights & Band Mat Fusion

    This 45 minute, full-body workout uses a light set of weights and a looped resistance band.

    For the dumbbells, try a set of either 2 lbs or 3 lbs. For the resistance band, grab what you got or what you like! The band in this video is medium resistance.

  • Core Sculpt 1

    This workout is 20 minutes of targeted training just for the core. Every part of the abdominals are targeted with some of the most effective exercises Andrea teaches to her clients in Los Angeles. No props are needed for this one! This is a fantastic workout to fuse into your workout week 1-2 tim...

  • Band Burn

    This 45 minute, full-body workout uses a looped resistance band. The band resistance could be whatever you own or love, but in this video Andrea is using a medium resistance!