Jessica Lucatorto

Jessica Lucatorto

Jessi Lucatorto began dancing at the age of three, which quickly turned into a deep passion. When Jessi was 10 years old, she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Although dance did not help the back pain, it kept her grounded. When Jessi was 15 years old she trained at Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theater in New York City. She returned to Southern California to perform with her dance company before her first spine surgery in 2007. This was an absolute heartbreak.

After a few months, Jessi went back to her dance routine but her body could not take the intensity of her previous dance practice. Before her second spine surgery in 2009, Jessi was introduced to Pilates. Once she started a regular Pilates regime, her body and spirit improved quickly allowing her to study Dance at the University of Arizona.

In her senior year of college, she decided to pursue her Pilates career and take an intensive instructor training program. After college, Jessi also studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to better coach her clients in a more holistic approach.

Jessi's quick wit and contagious sense of humor fits perfectly with her bold, bright teaching style (which always boost the energy and mood of the room). She enjoys challenging her clients and pushing them to the next level.

Jessi is a certified kettlebell pro, which is what initially caught Andrea Speir's eye and wow'ed her with the multitude of skills she brings to the table. Not only is Jessi a killer Pilates teacher and practitioner, but her cardio, HIIT, tabata and personal training knowledge combined with her expertise in yoga has made her an all around fitness expert. This is what makes her classes so creative, always challenging and so much fun.

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Jessica Lucatorto
  • Guest Teacher Series: Jumpboard Sculpt 1 with Jessi

    Join guest instructor Jessi for a 50 minutes of sculpting work on the reformer with jumpboard cardio fused in to elevate the heart rate! This class is straight from the Los Angeles studios, and is a fan favorite!

    * Small ball
    * Jumpboard
    * Sitting box

    All springs on

  • Guest Teacher Series: Power Reformer 1 with Jessi

    Join Speir lead instructor, Jessi, for a full body reformer workout!

    This workout is a steady pace that moves through the entire body. Begin with a warm up, then work from top to bottom to strengthen and tone.

    Props needed:
    * Sitting Box
    * Ball

    All springs on
    Footbar in middl...

  • Guest Teacher Series- Cardio Sculpt 2 with Jessi

    This 50 minute, cardio-infused workout does not require a jumpboard! You will fuse sculpting work on the reformer with short sets of personal training style work off the mat. The combination of these two styles of movement will help keep your body from plateauing, improve cardio health, and mix u...

  • Guest Teacher Series- Cardio Reformer 1 with Jessi

    This 45 minute reformer workout fuses in circuits of cardio work off the reformer to spike the heart rate and elevate results. This is a great way to keep your body from plateauing, as well as increase your cardiac output for heart health and help boost the metabolism.

    Props needed:
    * Dumbbells ...

  • Guest Teacher Series: 45 Minute Full Body & Sweat with Jessi

    Join guest star teacher, Jessica Lucatorto, for 45 minutes of full body sculpting with cardio hits!

    For this workout, you will need a looped band (medium recommended).

  • Guest Teacher Series- Cardio + Strength with Jessi

    Join the fabulous Jessi Lucatorto for 45 minutes of cardio-infused sculpting work. This workout will function more like a HIIT class (high intensity interval training), so you can expect to get your heart rate up, boost your metabolism, and keep your body from plateauing with this active flow.