These are your mat and reformer workout options to kick off the week! Choose your own adventure with mat or reformer, then do any and all of the workouts listed for this day. Each day of the week is curated and designed to target and tone the body with a slightly different approach, which will result in fantastic results, such as overall muscle strength and tone, better posture, improved circulation and metabolism, and a big boost in energy.

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  • Summer Sculpt- Full Body 2

    This full body, intermediate-level workout flows through targeted workouts with a fair amount of sitting box variations!

    This is an intermediate level flow.

    * Small ball
    * Looped resistance band
    * Sitting box

    1 blue spring on
    Footbar down
    Loops preset on ropes
    Headrest ...

  • 20 Minute Bosu Surf Sculpt

    Grab your Bosu Balance Trainer for this 20 minute, full body workout. These exercises strengthen and target the muscles used when hitting the waves in the California sun. Andrea uses these exercises when working with clients who are looking to improve their surf practice, as well as overall body ...