LA Series

LA Series

This playful series features six, 45 minute workouts that use some of the characteristics of some of the Los Angeles boroughs to play with different styles of movement and creativity.

1. West Hollywood: Our Speir Pilate studio here is filled with a younger, Hollywood crowd that likes get the job done. Our cardio fusion elements always get hoots and hollers, and the more props that burn it out, the better. This workout is similar to what you might see if you came to workout with Andrea in Weho. Get ready to feel your body changing and working!

2. Santa Monica: This is the location of our flagship studio. The workout you can do here reflects the kind of workout you might see in this studio by the beach. Effective, elongating and challenging movements that leave the mind focused and the body connected.

3. Silverlake: Silverlake is in the east side of LA, and is filled with a "Brooklyn-style" crowd. The restaurants are innovative and vibrant, the art is eclectic, and the streets are filled with artists. This workout has a playful and creative approach to sculpting out the body using the sitting box in ways you may not traditionally have used it. You might say this workout thinks outside the box by thinking ON the box..

4. Manhattan Beach: MB is your classic Californian surfers and skaters town. The movements in this workout build strength for both of those sports, while giving you that extra bit of of sculpt out for the beach.

5. Malibu: This beach town is filled with surfers and people who care about health, wellness and the trajectory of aging. The movements in this workout work on muscles that are used in surfing, while giving some extra love to the abdominals, postural muscles, and elongation.

6. The Valley: This workout harnesses a bit of ballet barre into the workout. The Valley is where lots of movie studios are, and it's always had an old-hollywood/this-is-where-its-done vibe. That translated for this workout into bringing it back to some Jane Fonda-esque, ankle weights fusion. She innovated fitness and brought a fierceness to working out and sweating in a cute outfit with some sassy ankle weights, so that's what we've done here..

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LA Series
  • The West Hollywood

    This 45 minute workout is part of our "LA Series" and increases the heart rate to amplify results, while focusing in on focused toning exercises to carve out the muscles. These are exercises that are popular in our West Hollywood location, where we see a lot of young Hollywood and people that are...

  • The Santa Monica

    This is a 45 minute, full body workout. This workout works top to bottom, and focuses on elongation.

    * Ankle Weights

    Footbar in middle position
    All springs on
    Handles preset on pegs
    Headrest up

    Green- Heavy
    Red- Medium/Heavy
    Blue- Light
    Yellow- Extra Light


  • Silverlake

    This 45 minute, full body sculpting workout is a part of our LA series!

    This series chooses some of the most famous boroughs of Los Angeles, and formats the workout based on the styles, themes and uniqueness of each area.

    Silverlake is a beautifully artistic and creative part of LA. It is ofte...

  • The Manhattan Beach

    This 50 minute workout flows through exercises that will not only build strength in the entire body, but also help improve balance, strength and stability for sports commonly found in MB, like surfing and skating.

    Some of the exercises you will see in this workout are Side Lying Arm Series, Core...

  • Malibu

    Welcome to your Malibu workout! This routine focuses on full body sculpting and elongation, and fuses in exercises Andrea uses with her surfer clients in Los Angeles. There is an extra emphasis put on core strengthening and postural work, while flowing through a full body workout.

    * Pilate...

  • The Valley

    This 45 minute, full body sculpting workout is part of the LA Series, and the region we play with in this workout is the valley. Play with the use of ankle weights, a small ball, light dumbells and a looped resistance band to play with Jane Fonda-esque, Hollywood starlet inspired moves to achieve...