7 Day Booty Band

7 Day Booty Band

Welcome to your seven day resistance band series! This series has been carefully crafted to achieve the ultimate change in your body. Workouts are either 20 minutes or 45 minutes in length, and these alternate so that they muscular activation and endurance is challenged and changed. The shorter workouts are more targeted, while the longer workouts tend to cover the whole body. By activating the muscles with this resistance, you can deepen your core connection, majorly target the outer hips and glutes, connect to your postural muscles, and so much more!

What you will need for this series is a looped resistance brand. We love the Power Systems medium (red) or heavy (blue). If you're looking for a fabric brand that doesn't roll, check out Bosu (light yellow).

Commit to doing these workouts every day, consecutively, and watch your strength and body tone change. This series can be repeated for more than one week, or try throwing it in one week per month and commit to 3 months of that! Stack this series with another series that month, like our 5 day Bodyweight Series, or 7 day Bala Bangle (ankle weight) series.

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7 Day Booty Band
  • 45 Minute Band Sculpt

    Grab your resistance band for this 45 minute workout using a looped resistance band.

    The majority of this workout focuses on glute work, however there is a bit of arm and core work to balance out your body.

    This workout gets that icy burn of super focused gluteus medius, hamstring and glute mi...

  • 20 Minute Glutes With Band

    This 20 minute, targeted glute workout uses a looped resistance band to tighten the outer hips, create shape in the glute, and strengthen the hamstrings, or base, for the glutes. This workout is all-level, however it is faster paced, and takes you through very focused and targeted chiseling exerc...

  • Total Band Tone

    This 45 minute workout, intermediate-level workout athletically sculpts and defines the entire body using a looped resistance band. We recommend a medium-heavy resistance.

  • 20 Minute Band

    This 20 minute workout uses a medium-heavy looped resistance band to strengthen and tone the arms, abs, glutes and legs. Exercises in this routine include Looped Tricep Presses, Looped Mountain Climbers, Donkey Kick Pulses and Grasshopper Glute Lifts.

  • Glutes and Band Burn

    This 45 minute workout uses the looped resistance band to give you the ULTIMATE lower body sculpting session. Every angle is targeted- the glute medius, maximus, hamstrings and core, using the band throughout. This workout is focused on major results, so get ready to burn, get ready to work, and ...

  • 20 Minute Glutes and Abs with Band

    Pure glute and core burnout! All you need is a looped resistance band (we suggest medium or heavy resistance) and a mat. This workout is 20 minutes long and very targeted, so we love doing this one on a day you are short on time and need an extra bang for your buck, or combined with another worko...

  • Band Burn

    This 45 minute, full-body workout uses a looped resistance band. The band resistance could be whatever you own or love, but in this video Andrea is using a medium resistance!