Janiece Tolmasoff

Janiece Tolmasoff

Janiece has become famous for looking incredibly sweet, but then kicking your a**. Her classes at the Speir Pilates West Hollywood studio regularly sell out, as she consistently delivers the most balanced, effective and killer workout. She moves you around the entire body, never leaving anything out, but also making sure that the body achieves optimal strength, elongation, and stretch to create a well balanced physique.

Pilates began a regular part of Janiece’s life at a young age after her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Janiece started finding a joy with the control and intention of each movement. She appreciated the strength that each session gave her mother during such a difficult time not only physically but more importantly mentally.

Janiece’s focus with her personal pilates practice is the total mind/body connection that each exercise demands. With 6 years of playing volleyball under her belt, you will find your inner athlete during classes with true Pilates integrity.

After spending years encouraging friends and family to experience Pilates for themselves, Janiece decided to do the teacher training program so she could be the one personally introducing this functional movement to them.

As an instructor, she has a great appreciation for Pilates adaptability being able to meet her clients wherever they are now and continue to build from there. “I love that every time you take a session, no matter how experienced you are, you discover something new.”

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Janiece Tolmasoff
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